Episode 22: Stephen Richert

Photo Credit: Stephen Richert, www.stephenrichert.com

This episode of the Game Plan T1D Podcast features T1D all-star, Stephen Richert. Stehpen has worked in adventure photo-journalism where he spent time climbing some serious mountains and documenting his experiences with awe inspiring film and photo projects. We talk climbing, catharsis, nutrition, healthcare and diabetes philosophy. Tune in now! *Please be advised portions of this episode contains mature content. Listener discretion is advised.

“If you're still breathing it’s not too late. People feel very hopeless because they feel like they’ve failed, but that’s a feeling. There’s a big difference between the feeling and the truth. And the feeling feels like it’s the truth, but it’s not actually the truth. Once you silence that feeling and you take control, and again you do the work and experimentation and then you feel better, then the feeling becomes much smaller and you can see it for what it is, and it doesn’t have that power. But you have to take even the smallest step and do that first.”

-Stephen Richert