Episode 2: Kris Freeman

This episode of the Game Plan T1D Podcast features T1D athlete and Olympic cross-country skier, Kris Freeman. Kris has competed in hundreds of professional races, has won a world championship, has earned 17 national titles, and has made 4 trips to the Olympics.  Kris is considered by many to be the best American cross-country skier in the modern era of the sport. Listen in to hear Kris's inspiring story and his tips for excelling with Type One Diabetes.

"I saw the endo and he diagnosed me in 5 minutes and he told me I had Type One Diabetes. I was kind of in shock. I really didn't know what it meant. He told me no one had ever gone to the Olympics in an endurance sport with it and that I could keep skiing at the club level, but that Olympics was not going to happen...He had never seen anyone do it and he was trying to let me down easily. I just wasn't going to be let down."

-Kris Freeman

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