Episode 14: Muhammad Ali

This episode of the Game Plan T1D Podcast features T1D all-star Muhammad Ali.  After being barred from earning his boxing license due to Diabetes in 2015, Muhammad and his team battled back. After 3 years of negotiation, Muhammad was granted his license making him the first professional diabetic boxer in the UK.  Winning his first fight in September, Muhammad will return to the ring November 17th. Muhammad has his sights set on a World Championship and plans to inspire the T1D community along the way. 

“I believe that Diabetes is not an illness, it’s a condition and my body is challenging me with the conditions of Diabetes and I’m overcoming the challenge by controlling my Diabetes in a good manner. I want to show and give back and motivate, and inspire millions of people around the world to show them that you should be positive about your challenge.”

-Muhammad Ali