Episode 17: Kelly Wild

This episode of the Game Plan T1D Podcast features T1D all-star Kelly Wild. Kelly is an accomplished and versatile athlete having won a  World Championship with the USA U18 hockey team, she would go on to play hockey for Ohio State before transitioning to CrossFit. Kelly would compete 3 times at the CrossFit Games as a team competitor with CrossFit Grandview and Timberwolf CrossFit. After 5 years of CrossFit, Kelly has refocused her athletic efforts on competitive weightlifting. Listen in now!

“They’re not alone with their struggles with Diabetes whatever they’re going through, the rest of us have gone through it as Diabetics…I’ve found so much support from other Diabetics who are working towards the same things you’re working towards and struggling with the same things you are. When you come across another Diabetic, I feel like you find an instant best friend when you see someone wearing a CGM or a pump or things like that.”

-Kelly Wild