Marvelous White: I Have a Game Plan Series 04

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Hi , my name is Marvelous White and I'm ten years old. I was diagnosed with T1D in September 2015. It was scary after the doctor told me about this condition. It made me really sad and I cried. All I thought about was pricking my fingers and taking shots all day. I felt like I was different than all the kids at school. Going back to school was hard because I had to go to the nurse office often. My classmates would always ask me why I always go to the nurse's office. I would just ignore them. There would always be kids in the nurse's office asking questions too. I would just ignore them too. One day a big girl saw me take a shot and told other kids that I had a contagious disease.  They all screamed and ran. That made me feel really bad. I cried and told my Nana.  She called the principal the next day to tell what happened. The principal made the big girl write me an apology letter and research Type One Diabetes. 

I love track and field and basketball. I haven't got to do basketball but I still love it. I have competed in USATF and AAU  track meets and Junior Olympics for four years. It has been hard with the kids in track too. I have to check my blood sugar before races. Similar to the situation at school, I get questioned about my condition here too.  I just ignore the girls in the bullpen.  I get so tired of being questioned. They wouldn't understand if I told them anyways. 

I'm really fast in the 100 and 200 meter dash and I can jump really far. The 100 meter dash is my favorite because I am one of the fastest kids in the country for that event. Running raises my blood sugar a lot. I have to make sure my blood sugar is 100 or a little lower before I run. 
Some of my scariest moments were at the end of my races. My blood sugar was so high I would have to go to the emergency tent. I saw sparkles in the air nearing the end of some races. Then I just felt really bad and I would have a headache. I've gone into Ketoacidosis three times this year.

That is a really scary place to be. I don't even remember what happened. I just wake in the hospital with IVs in my arm with nurse's coming in and out all the time. I feel much better in about three to four days. In my last qualifying meet, I went into Ketoacidosis as soon as I crossed the line. I just remember waking up in the Emergency Room. I all could think about was not being able to finish the finals for the 200 meter dash.

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All this being said, I am learning. I had sneaked some orange juice at breakfast that morning.  My blood sugar was 203 when I started that race. I will never do that again.  I've learned to never sneak snacks nor sweet drinks without dosing for it. I have also learned that if I take care and manage my blood sugar levels I can do anything I want with my sports. If I can do it other kids can do it too. I hope one day that there's a cure for Type One Diabetes, so I can stop pricking my fingers and taking shots.

-Marvelous White